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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ascension Energy Newsletter: Multiple Realites and the Unity Wave of the Mayan Calendar and True Wealth: Ascension Subliminal

The 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar started on March 9th 2011 according to Mayan researcher Johan Calleman. Calleman has the Mayan calendar ending on Oct 28th, 2011. This last stage is the mad roller coaster ride to the finish, it lasts a mere 234 days and resolves the previous 8 earlier waves that originated over several Billion years ago, give or take.. On March 11th, the Japanese Earthquake was triggered perhaps by the Haarp project or maybe by subterranean nuclear weapons, it could even be a natural disaster. The ninth wave is broken up into 13 x18 days periods totaling 234 days. The days are broken up into alternating day and night periods with 7 days and six nights. Day and Night, night and day...
The energy acceleration from the 9th is 20x greater that the previous 8th wave cycle. The energy from day to day is building now at an exponential rate; that is being demonstrated by the stacking of ridiculous world events; such as the revolutions in the middle east, the imminent collapse of the Federal Reserve note in the US, the Bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporate government, not to be confused with the Republics of these United States.
Silver is breaking free of it's 30 year bondage and is about to blast through it's all time high of $52 on it's way to the being on par with Gold. I get asked all the time, by members of the Energy program; how do I generate abundance? Can you put intentions on the machines to get me out of my dilemma ect... I usually respond with have, you bought any physical Silver bullion? The next answer is, I have been thinking about it, but I don't have the money ect. Change, begins with a choice and a single action. A single oz of Silver now costs about $50. By the end of the year, it may cost over $1000oz. I am not hear telling you to go out and buy Silver; the point is that there are opportunites to make money all around you; it means being able to adapt to the changing conditions. That is having the mental and emotional flexibility to change course in midstream. Self examination of self is a key tool to navigate the changes in the world today. We have endings of very large cycles occuring with over-lapping births of new worlds.
Where do you have your attention focused on? The death or the Rebirth?" Let the dead bury the dead". One of the reasons, why Christ was killed because he threw the money changers out of the temple. Jesus took out a whip and whipped the money changers and drove them out of the temple.
What were the money changers doing that so incensed Jesus? They were marking up the Shekels that were being used to pay the temple tax with.
Judas of course was paid to betray Jesus with 30 shekels, a link to the same money changers that he threw out of the temple. What we have here in the world economy is the end of a system of the use of Fiat currency. Most people are confused today as to what to do next because they simply do not understand what money is? Real money is a currency or current. It reflects you ability to generate, it is a symbol of your power. The current economic system operates not under money, but debt notes. The current economic system is a giant ponzi scheme; where a few people that create the money earn unlimited wealth at the expense of the masses. By definition we are all in-dentured servants through the use of debt notes. The government can never balance the budget in a debtor system. Why? Because we operate on debt? Your signature is the sole force that creates money in the first place.
The act of buying physical silver bullion is a revolutionary act to say no to a debtor system. True freedom will only come back with the return of True money, which is gold and Silver. All lies are built on the deception of the use of debt notes all sins are a function of the lie of fiat currency. Why I am talking about this here? It is just pouring out of me, right now, I can't help myself. Wealth is an attitude, a way of looking at the world fearlessly. A energy state that one obtains through the loss of ego. In general wealthly people are low maintenance, this is not true in all cases, but in most cases. Wealthy people honor commitments, show up on time, appreciate the efforts of others and pay the price. They understand true value, that is why they are wealthy. It is a mis-nomer to think that wealthy people cheat others, yes it is true that the people that run the banking system and our elected leaders have gotten into power, through deceit, deception and theft. However all that is ending now, I would not want to be one of those people in the next year.
What you will witness over the next year and a half is the de-throning of evil throughout the world. I will use the story of my friend John, I will call him little john. I met little John about 3 years ago, during a political event. We fast became friends,at the time he was in a job that he could not stand. He jumped on the energy machines about a year and a half ago. John after about 6 months of me speech-blasting him about the value of Silver as real money and it's potential to run well over $1000oz, decided to invest all his life savings into Silver Bullion. John, is a big Soccer fan and paid to have Uruguay on the energy machines for the world cup. John also wanted to watch the entire World cup without distraction. About a week before the world cup was too start, he was fired for his job, because he was always late. He got what he prayed for!
We watched the World Cup and Uruguay came very close to possibly winning the whole tournament. John decided he never wanted to work again, so he focused on creating a life without working. Now, John is also not cheap, he gives away a great deal of money and time to other people. If fact he gave away 1/3 of his wealth over the last year. I hung out with John last night and was blown away by the changes in him. He has become a full fledged Alpha male full of magnetism, and life. Women were hanging off of him, like he was a rocker on tour. John's net worth over the last year has doubled, even with sleeping to 4pm every day and giving away 1/3rd of his wealth. John has shown me that it is possible to create any world that you want too. He will never need to work again for a living, and his next endeavor is to become a full-time gambler and to move to Uruguay.
The key of course is connecting to your intuition and following your heart moderated by the intellect. If you need help in finding your power, we can provide that, a kick in the butt at the right moment is sometimes all that is needed to break the inertia. Change is a function of applied effort over time, not magical incantations. Magic works when you become conscious of your power to create; sort of a bonus after the fact' a supplemental prize to the great victory of humility. Little John has become very grateful and humble as a result of his experiences over the last two years; when you give it away it does come back to you. True power is a function of submission to your spirit. Email me for a free subliminal for Ascension. Kevin
We have a special for the Ascension Energy program of $35 month for two months.

Thanks, Kevin

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