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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vibration is Everything

I haved picked a few pieces from the article below, because they are talking about the solution to the political problems and control systems that we are under. It is all about energy or accumulating enough energy to rise beyond the control systems and create a reality that you would like to inhabit. While they talk about that possibility here at the we are actually doing it. We have the capability to help you rise beyond any obstacles that may be in the way, I make that statement from experience not based on theory.

By, J. Speer-Williams

Pure consciousness is virtually static, everything else in existence vibrates. From rocks to frogs to humans bodies everything material vibrates with an infinity of frequencies.

The higher the frequency, the higher the life form.

Realities vary along lines of vibrational frequencies; the lower the vibration, the harsher the realities. The higher the vibration, the higher the reality, and the more life prospers.

In our material world of relatively low vibrational frequencies, the International Monetary/ Banking Cartel seems to rule through a narrow band of low frequencies, that have trapped most people.

This entrapment has been done, and is being done, by the Cartel by all manner and means at their disposal: TV, movies, fast foods, processed foods, genetically modified foods, aspartame, fluoride, vaccines, prescription drugs, street drugs, chem-trails, economic hardships, war, torture, dissension, misinformation, disinformation, ignorance, apathy, fear, anger, hate, brutality, spite, egoism, perverted sexual activities, promiscuity, elitism, stresses, worry, and all negative emotions are all used by the Cartel to further trap mankind, and are all to be circumvented, in order to avoid, or escape, the Cartel's low vibrational traps......

Corruption in America has reach epic proportions; but, know there is something more important you can do about it: After recognizing it, then disassociate yourself from it with your own daily affirmations.....
The further below or above the Cartel/governmental band of vibration one or something is, the less that influence is felt. Just two extreme examples of below and above are rocks and angels.

No matter what the Cartel does, they will have no effect on your pet rock, or your guardian angels. So, when you are in the belly of the beast, it is best to become indigestible.

Hell is being locked eternally in the Cartel's frequency band of destruction. Freedom comes to those whose own vibrational frequencies are above where the Cartel works its negativity.

We can escape, or at least minimize, the International Cartel's destruction on ourselves and our loved ones, by raising our own vibrations sufficiently. If mankind, en masse, raised its vibration enough, our entire planet would flip into a reality of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

William Burrows said, "A paranoid is a man with all the facts at his disposal." But, a care-free man is one who has gained enough knowledge to raise his vibrational frequency beyond the level at which the dark forces can operate.

How can we open the door to higher and higher vibrational frequencies? Knowledge is the key to that door, awareness opens it. Application of one's awareness walks one out of darkness and into the warm light of a friendly sun. With enough personal awareness comes your spiritual freedom, and it's closer than you may think.

You are infinite consciousness.
Everything that exists is you.
You are everything that exists.
You are infinite consciousness;
and, so is everyone and everything else.
We all are literally one with God.

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