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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Monarch Precious Metals Low Cost Silver Retailer Takes Paypal

Monarch Precious Metals, A low cost silver supplier that takes paypal. The advantage is the convenience of the use of paypal and low shipping rates for small quantity. If you want to make small purchases and not pay high premiums, monarch is the place to go. The downside is their handpoured bars will not have the same resale value of an American Silver eagle or a private mint coin. Currently you can pick up 20 one oz private issue Apmex bars for $19.59oz or $391.80. The shipping at apmex is $20, bringing the total to $411.80 or $20.59. At Monarch you can get 20 1oz bars for $19.38oz or $387.60. The shipping is only $11.65 for up to 50oz. With the shipping the 20oz comes to $399.25 or $19.97 per 1oz bar. The savings between Apmex and Monarch is .62 cents per oz in Monarch's favor or $12.55 cents which can roughly net you an extra half oz from Monarch rather than Apmex. What the resale value of these bars is unknown until I actually sell them, but I will try monarch because of the convenience of the use of paypal. I do not have to go to the post office and get a money order and the savings on small purchases will buffer any potential losses from a product that will valued on the same level as scrap silver. It will never be worth less than spot and I do not have to lay out the cash up front for the premium for coinage so ultimately I can buy more silver and perhaps mint my own coins in the future. So I feel that Monarch can be a great addition as a silver supplier for the little guy that does not have much disposable income. promoting the return to a sound money standard.

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