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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Emerging from Denial: Barbara Marciniak Part 1

I have been a closet fan of Barbara Marciniak for 15 years, discovering her book Bringers of the Dawn in the early 1990's. Here are some excerpts from her June 21st Newsletter.
As most of you are well aware, you are living during times when momentous and unprecedented changes in all avenues of life have become the hallmark of human experience. Your entire globe is swept-up with the effects of accelerated energy that is altering the consciousness of Earth and all her inhabitant at supersonic speed. This acceleration of energy, which we call "the nanosecond" in the annals of time," began unfolding during the summer of 1987 and will eventually encompass twenty-five years of astounding changes in values and perceptions among humanity. Throughout this entire period a massive infusion of cosmic energy is altering the fabric of physical reality by triggering humanity to awaken to much larger truths about the nature of existence. You are here along with everyone else to integrate this energy; to participate in and contribute to a world-wide paradigm shift through the process of expanding your personal understanding of your identity. Ultimately, conscious awareness is the necessary component for understanding and dealing with the various stages of turmoil and chaos used to control the masses. The nanosecond is especially important because as everything quickens, and many monumental changes occur, your beliefs and ideas about reality — and the nature of reality itself — can be altered in the blink of an eye.

On a mundane level, the past few years have been especially noteworthy for events revealing disturbing new images of senseless violence and trauma. Major news outlets steadfastly promote the new vistas of violence and then for the most part, turn their collective backs on every logical lead that could unravel the truth behind the why's and where fore's of the shocking events. Biological threats through anthrax spores and other carriers, the rising death count and mysterious demise of world-famed microbiologists, chemtrails insidiously blocking out sunlight in urban areas, the proliferation of mad cow disease, SAR'S, the avian flu and other such destabilizing environmental conditions are officially treated as random activities; yet on some level of awareness, people intuitively recognize the underlying implications of what is transpiring. The very deceptively contrived events on 9/11, followed by the quickly manifested Patriot Act, then the sudden Afghan invasion, the Washington sniper, the Columbia explosion, and the war in Iraq have more than dominated world headlines with decisive spins, yet the truth and the real reasons and issues behind all of these events still remains sequestered in the shadows of secrecy.
On a psychic level, human consciousness is profoundly affected by the restless stirring of new levels of awareness coming to life across the globe. Momentum is building as people the world-over steadily emerge from various stages of deep denial due to the effects of the accelerated energy. And like a few billion Rip Van Winkles suddenly coming to life, they are realizing that they are waking up to a very different reality from the one they dozed off in. The ever-increasing influx of cosmic energy shakes everything up on a subatomic level, nudging you to recognize and grow beyond every old dysfunctional pattern that separates world society into factions that thrive on discord and disagreement. The twenty-five years of accelerated energy involve a huge transformation of consciousness that will collectively unlock specific perceptual limitations, essentially freeing humanity from a state of bondage that is as yet, largely unrecognized.
The years of the nanosecond include a cosmic identity crisis that is steeped in enormous complexity; everyone will have to completely reevaluate and reconsider who they are in relationship to the ever-expanding map of cosmic existence. An official acknowledgement of the presence of intelligent life-forms that share time and space with you is just around the corner. Unfortunately this proclamation may be used to steer humanity into another contrived quagmire — this time encompassing cosmic proportions. Numerous ET races have been interacting with humanity and operating on Earth for more millennia than you can imagine. However, like every other aspect of the news, the presentation of selected ET factions into the public domain will be filled with staged events designed to deceive people and distract them from noticing the more disturbing, secret hidden agendas being carried out with the very same ET races. Once this disclosure becomes official, everything will speed up; life will seem more complex and the choices for what to think and how to respond to the pending changes will become exceedingly more confusing for those still chained to the old, crumbling paradigm where the words of public officials are neither questioned nor doubted.
As the veil of denial is whisked away, all that has been formerly hidden will become more and more transparent.

Now, in direct opposition to the ever-increasing attempts to confound the public, the incoming cosmic energies serve to balance the situation by opening the flood gates of human awareness, deliberately stimulating you to pay closer attention to a new source of information stemming from deep inside. As this all-powerful inner-knowledge genie emerges, newly realized psychic and intuitive abilities will help you to achieve levels of personal empowerment that will assist you in dealing with the spiritual dynamics of the transformation. With humanity's inner abilities strengthened and unleashed, the truth, on all levels, will be increasingly difficult to hide. As the veil of denial is whisked away, all that has been formerly hidden will become more and more transparent. For those who refuse to acknowledge what is occurring, the years ahead will not be easy. However, with everything moving at an ever-increasing pace, all forms of consciousness entrained with the awakening aspects of the acceleration can achieve massive leaps in conscious awareness and learn how to manage their newly unveiled mental, emotional and intuitive capabilities. Eventually, it will be apparent that all forms of consciousness engaged with 3-D reality are learning extremely valuable, if sometimes volatile lessons concerning the effects and ramifications of playing with the power of subtle energies. As the acceleration progresses, your solar system will traverse new areas of space that carry important codes of consciousness for understanding that all life is sacred, and that life ripples outward and coexists with you in the same space, separated only by a barrier of time. It is most important to be aware of these connections, yet quite another to experience them first hand.

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